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Enterprise Architect (EA)

Hippo Software provides a range of Enterprise Architect training courses and workshops that enable you to rapidly gain knowledge and confidence with this CASE tool. Our consulting services can help you to set up and customise EA, establish standards and use EA consistently and effectively.

 EA Training for BPMN


 + EA for Business Process Modelling  New

 1 day

 + EA and BPMN for Business Process Modelling

 2 days

 EA Training for



 + EA Fundamentals

 1 day

 + EA for GUI Design  New

 1 day

 + EA and Use Cases for Requirements Analysis

 2 days

 + EA for Software Design

 2 days

 EA Training for BPMN and UML


 + EA for Business Analysis

 2 days

 + EA, BPMN and UML for Business Analysis

 3 days

 + EA for Software Analysis and Design

 3 days

 + EA, BPMN and UML for Software Analysis and Design

 5 days

 EA Training for


 + EA for Systems Engineering

 2 days

 + EA and SysML for Systems Engineering

 4 days

 EA Training for


 + EA for Business Architecture

 1 day

 + EA for Enterprise Architecture

 2 days

 + EA for Architecture and Strategy  New

 2 days

Why not add a workshop to the end of your training course...


Report from Scottish Gathering
of Enterprise Architect Users 2016


 EA Seminar


 + EA Executive Overview


 EA Workshops


 + EA Document Workshop  Revised

 1 day

 + EA Excel Data Transfer Workshop Revised

 1 day

 + EA Scripting Workshop Revised

 2 days

 + EA Profiles Workshop  Revised

 1 day

 EA Workshop for BPMN


 + EA and BPMN Process Workshop


 EA Workshops for BPMN and UML


 + EA, BPMN and UML Analysis Workshop

 1 day

 + EA, BPMN and UML Analysis and Design Workshop

 1 day

An additional consulting day can help you to quickly and effectively apply your new skills to your own project...

 EA Consulting

 Hippo Software can help you to...

  • Set up your Enterprise Architect corporate database

  • Define a suitable structure for your projects

  • Demonstrate traceability between your models

  • Devise and document your company standards and guidelines

  • Create custom RTF and HTML document templates

  • Conduct technical reviews and quality audits

'Mix and Match'


Alternatively why not select your own modules from our catalogue to create your own custom EA course...

Remember to allow enough time for the practical exercises and hands-on sessions to reinforce the theory learned in each module!

Training Catalogue


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