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Report from the 2017

Scottish Gathering of Enterprise Architect Users

Held in Livingston on Friday 29th September 2017

Written by Gillian Adens, Director at Hippo Software

In September 2017 Hippo Software hosted a gathering of EA users in Scotland. Thirty delegates from seventeen different organisations signed up to attend this event. This included some delegates travelling from as far away as Trim in Ireland, Norfolk and Leeds as well as lots of delegates travelling the length and breadth of Scotland, coming from Livingston, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Barrhead, Eurocentral, Perth and Glenrothes. Delegates reported that the event was friendly and interactive – a great opportunity for sharing experiences and ideas as well as networking.

Sparx Systems and Use of EA for Standards

We were delighted to welcome Ken Harkin, Global Business Development Manager from Sparx Systems at our event again this year.

To kick off proceedings Ken provided an update on Sparx Systems and recent progress with EA and its wide spread use by standards bodies. Throughout the day Ken was keen to meet as many delegates as possible and chat to them about their use of EA.

Pro Cloud Server and WebEA

We then had a live link with Australia to join Tom O’Reilly, Chief Operations Officer from Sparx Systems.

Tom provided a demonstration of the new Pro Cloud Server and WebEA applications showing us how these new features allow EA users to share models with a much wider stakeholder base. Delegates were able to use their own devices (phones, iPads and laptops) to log into WebEA and see model updates in real time.

Data Modelling and Meta Modelling with Enterprise Architect

Our next presentation was delivered by Paul Oprea, Emerging Technologies Lead at Dufrain Consulting.

Paul demonstrated the latest data modelling features available in EA and talked us through the mechanisms required to reverse engineer existing legacy databases, then design and implement database updates.

Mapping a To-Be IT Solution for Non-IT Operational Business Process Owners

Our next speaker was Joyce Bianchi, Business Planning Analyst from Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN).

Joyce explained the goals of their large-scale systems migration project. Joyce and her team used ArchiMate to model their organisation structure and identify key business roles. High-level business processes were arranged to model end to end golden threads and document application support. BPMN was then used to define the detailed steps of each process and map support of new IT systems.

Creating an MDG Technology to Extend EA’s ArchiMate Capability

After lunch our final presentation was delivered by Martin Spiers, Senior Solution Designer at Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Martin demonstrated how to create an MDG technology to customise the use of standard ArchiMate notation. This involved adding tagged values to extend the set of properties associated with elements, using a shape script to display custom information on diagrams and generating standard documentation from their EA models.

Interactive Discussion Groups

We had three separate discussion groups:

        Data Modelling facilitated by Ian Freeman

  BPMN and Use Case Models facilitated by Gareth Tuckwell

  ArchiMate V3 facilitated by Gillian Adens

In the afternoon we organised ourselves into discussion groups on topics of interest to delegates. Each group debated the use of EA for different aspects of modelling and delegates reported back to everyone on their collective findings, ideas and opinions.

Interactive ‘Doctor Sparx’ Session

The day concluded with an interactive session facilitated by Hippo Software. Delegates were asked to ask Dr Sparx for help with anything causing them pain or discomfort. Patients received a lollipop to cheer them up and doctors were rewarded to suggesting solutions or work arounds. It was a fun session with lots of clever and helpful ideas.

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