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UML Services


Hippo Software offers on-site and webinar training courses to teach UML concepts and notation (including requirements and use cases, class diagrams, sequence diagrams and state machines).

Consulting and Mentoring

Hippo Software provides on-site and webinar guidance to help customers facilitate requirements workshops, create object-oriented analysis and design models and define standards and guidelines.

 UML Courses


 UML Fundamentals

 1 day

 UML for Business Analysis

 3 days

 UML for Software Analysis and Design

 4 days

UML and BPMN Courses


 BPMN and UML for Business Analysis

 3 days

 EA Courses for



 EA Fundamentals

 1 day

 EA for Data Modelling

 1 day

 EA Courses for UML and BPMN


 EA for Business Analysis

 2 days

 EA, BPMN and UML for Business Analysis

 3 days

 EA for Software Analysis and Design

 3 days

 EA, BPMN and UML for Software Analysis and Design

 5 days

EA Public Webinar Training
Hippo Software also delivers a wide range of 1 day public webinar training courses. These are ideal for individuals or small teams. View Schedule  

 Custom Training

UML Consulting
Alternatively why not select modules from our catalogue to create your own custom training course...

Remember to allow enough time for exercises to reinforce the theory learned!


Hippo Software can help you to:

  Facilitate workshops to capture end user requirements

  Produce use case and business process models

  Develop object-oriented solutions that meet user needs

  Conduct technical reviews and quality audits

  Devise and document standards and guidelines



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